Enabling Better Decisions From The Farm Forward
    Across The Food Supply Value Chain

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Enabling Better Decisions … From the Farm Forward

Challenges Create Opportunities

Today farmers find themselves tangled in a web of disparate information and convoluted data privacy issues. The demand for data and compliance (i.e.: food safety, worker welfare, sustainability, etc.) continues to grow at an un-manageable rate due largely to unstructured or unavailable field data.

Data (M2M, Machine Learning, IoT, etc.) can revolutionize Agriculture but only when people agree and their data cooperates.

Centricity enables agri-businesses (including all those involved in production and distribution of food) to focus on relationships and business rather than data collection, privacy and selective data mediation.

Our Products

Centricity offers a vertically-integrated suite of field data collection applications, professional services, and infrastructure building blocks (APIs and Frameworks) to Advance the Internet of Ag.

Our proprietary Trust Mediation framework provides all stakeholders, from the Farm Forward, the ability to establish business rules regarding the use of their data. These rules ensure that only the right data is shared with the right people at the right time; this mitigates potential risks associated with exposure and secures intellectual property and privacy rights.

Software and API services that enable better decisions — from the Farm, Forward across the supply value chain.

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