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Farm Forward. Grower Owned.

Centricity Establishes Trust

When people see the Centricity brand they recognize the leader in data mediation, privacy and trust management that protects their interests and those of their business partners across the supply chain. They feel safe engaging with Centricity partners knowing that while they leverage data to power decisions, their intellectual property remains private.

Our Story

Since before the turn of the century we have been engaged in the evolution of data and communications.
Over time, we became fascinated by the deeply human connection to data.

What if you could recreate the personal connection and trust behind a human handshake? To allow information flow from and around you without concern of privacy or security?
It may sound crazy, but we wanted to build the closest thing to human intuition for big data and machine learning.
While there are many ways to connect systems, we realized there is no better way to improve the accuracy and integrity of information than with a certainty of trust.

Big Data may offer a story, but only truth can empower.

Why Agriculture

Water. Food. Environment. Which one would you choose? There is nothing more central to our lives than that which sustains us; and nothing more central to sustenance than a farmer.
To get to the root of the human connection with data we needed two things – deeply connected people and lots of data.

Farmers and those involved in the global food and fiber ecosystem are some of the most genuine individuals we’ve had the pleasure of working with. They are directly connected with the environment and their community; generally they have a strong heritage of integrity and trust.

Agriculture offers a data rich environment that has not yet fully matured. There is an incredible opportunity to observe and engage connections that have never before been made; and ones that are not yet inflicted by institution or prejudice.

What Now

With a broad range of technical, science, academic, finance and business capabilities we embark on the journey of establishing the standard platform for global food and health data exchange.

Rooted in trust and security and liberated by technology, we welcome you to connect.


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