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Farm Forward. Grower Owned.

Our Values

Core Values

Our Guiding Principals

  • There is no right way to do a wrong thing
  • Faith, Family, Friends and Finance; in that order
  • Be nice
  • Bring your whole self
  • Work hard. play harder

Technical Priorities

What we work on every day

  • Privacy, Security & Trust Architecture
  • Integrity Scoring
  • Continuous Improvement and Lean Data Practices
  • Open Source Community
  • Equitable Access and Representation
  • Intellectual Property Rights

Social Priorities

Where we focus our support

  • Social Consciousness & Human Connectedness
  • Clean Water
  • Clean Air
  • Carbon Reduction and Offset
  • Access To Technology

Our Community

Clean Water and Carbon Reduction have been key priorities for Centricity; we continue to reduce carbon emissions and support vendors who do the same.  Additionally we’ve offset 125% of our carbon footprint (including FTE contractors and all data center operations).   In support of The Clean Water Project we’ve accounted for 100% of company water utilization (including cooling and consumption) in our support budget and are orchestrating an employee group to propel our support further.

In 2015 we added support to Nature Conservatory in their effort to plant a billion trees throughout China, Brazil and SE United States.  Forests help to sustain all life on Earth.  Forests act as a filtration system as water flows through their root systems, providing clean drinking water for millions of people around the globe. Forests are the lungs of the Earth: they absorb and filter toxins from the air and produce clean oxygen for all life to breathe. Forests hold vast amounts of carbon dioxide and act as a cooling system for the Earth; they stabilize the global climate and fight climate change.

Each of the following Non Profit Organizations were sponsored by an employee, board member or advisor.  We enjoy participating with our team in selecting and supporting those who are in alignment with our values and encourage you to also support these incredible organizations.

Community Support


Centricity is proud to support these industry organizations;
please also visit “Our Community” for additional Non-Profit Organizations that we support.

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