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Industry Challenges and Centricity Solutions

Industry ChallengeCentricity Solution
There is no shortage of “Farm Data” (IoT); still people struggle to leverage it in a trusted manner.It’s not about creating more data; it’s about bringing it together.
Farmers and Advisors want control of their data, privacy and sharing.Allows complete control over the type, timing, location and purpose of selective data sharing among people and clouds.
Buyers and Regulators have concerns about food safety and social responsibility.Addresses field data collection through stakeholder alignment and auditor calibration.
Low technology adoption on the ground.. Many failed “solutions” often create more work for the farmer, thus reducing data integrity and accessibility.Most tech companies miss the mark. 2D data doesn’t fit in a 3D world. It needs to “go outside”, only then does data transform to knowledge on the farm.
Compliance data and validation is often unmanageable due to unstructured or unavailable field data.Uses machine learning and proprietary recognition technologies to “align” information from any source.
Lack of visibility across the food supply chain creates reactive vs. responsive behavior.Securely mediates trusted information to enable real-time dashboards and validated scorecards.
Decision data is often duplicative, unconfirmed, not available or outdated.Centricity solutions enable real-time awareness across the supply chain vs. static reports or archaic on/off privacy.

Our Products

We create and implement world-class applications. Centricity connects people, processes and systems with leading data security, privacy and accessibility solutions that facilitate equitable market access, safety, security and sustainability.

Choose Centricity

  • Deep Domain Experience
  • Proprietary Data Mediation / Privacy Methods
  • Unique way to monetize every connection [multi-directional]
  • Patented rapid development platform

Our proprietary trust and data mediation technology solves challenges of connecting the Internet of Ag in a way that protects intellectual property and builds trust across the food supply chain.


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